Welcome to my world! It's always Sunny here. 

Where the heck did January 2020 go??? 

Hello my friends! If you're like me you're wondering how February could possibly be here next week? It feels like I just took down my Christmas tree, recanted my New Year's Resolutions, and cancelled my gym membership. Are you fairing much better?

I do know what consumed so much of my January 2020 time - Trade Shows

Yep, January is trade show season. It's the time in the pleasure product industry when new items are released at shows with a bunch of initials - CES, ANME, XBIZ, and AVN Novelty Expo. And, yes, I attended every one of them.


Sunny Rodgers, ACS


The great thing about trade shows is seeing my industry family - followed by having a cocktail with my industry family.



Next up for me personally is the amount of knowledge that's shared with me. I get to not only receive training on hundreds of new products, I also get to attend workshops that offer a wide range of topics. This year I was luckily to host a workshop on "Creating Smart, New Consumer Experiences in 2020" - since we pretty much all thought we'd be driving flying cars by now I thought it'd be timely to discuss ways online and brick & mortar retailers could up their offerings. And, the workshop was a hit!!


Sunny hosts a workshop on


Next up? I have a lot of wonderful new clients that are keeping me busy and mentally engaged! 

I'm looking forward to an exciting year and can't wait to share it with you!




So, many of you that follow me must know by now I've launched my own company, Sunsplash Media Group, and am taking on my own clients. 



After 20 years in the pleasure product industry creating new product designs, helping launch new brands, and meeting friends that have become my life-long family, why would I make such a bold choice? 

My goal was freedom.

I want the freedom to help more than just one brand. I want the freedom to use my knowledge, expertise, experience, and contacts to help others realize their dreams. I want to be able to be best friends with everyone in the pleasure product industry without judgment. 

And, guess what? I've attained that freedom and it's incredibly amazing!

Every day I wake up and although I may take calls at 7:00 a.m. and meetings at 7:00 p.m., my days are filled with peaceful happiness knowing that I'm in the right place. 



Have you ever had the feeling of such certainty that no matter what advice people give you, you know in your heart you're doing the right thing? That's how it's been with this new chapter of my life. 

I'm have new clients who have become new friends. I'm introducing people to each other and helping them expand their networks and their own possibilities. I'm grateful every day for being able to help so many people take the business steps they've been too afraid to take.

So, I just want to share a few words of advice with you here and now -

  • If you think you can do it - you're right!
  • There is no time that will be 100% perfect to make a jump to your next chapter of life and/or career. You just need to hold your breath and do it.
  • Even if you don't know this, there are so many people out there who will support your goals and who want you to succeed. 

Now, I'm hoping you'll take this insight and make your own jump!


I'm here to help and support you. Just know that success will not be an avalanche. It'll be a snowball rolling down a hill that slowly, purposely gets bigger and bigger. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Accept help from others. And, remember to be grateful everyday for all the goodness that comes your way.




Minister Sunny  

I LOVE bringing people together! And, if I can spread love - then that makes me a happy Sunny.

In just the past year I've had the pleasure of officiating weddings in various locations. From mountains, to ranches, to beaches, there are so many beautiful locations for weddings. 



I've coached lovers on how to write their vows - I have an easy 4-step outline to follow that makes it simple.

I've also written vows and poems that speak to brides and grooms.



I've talked nervous brides through tears and tantrums. I've talked nervous grooms through cold feet and writer's block.

I've cried. I've laughed. And I've felt amazing love and emotions!



And, I'm pretty sure I've found the happiest hobby I've ever had!



Trust me, everyone is glowing and happy at weddings. Love is in the air everywhere!


At the moment, I don't have any weddings in my calendar... but please know I'm always happy to officially officiate and help bring lovers together.



Small Town Fun 

Sometimes the most fun is the simplest fun. 

A business trip for me was cancelled at the last minute. This meant a free weekend at home. 

A Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter post later, I had announced that I'd be at a free concert in the park that night. 

Would anyone show up? Would I be cocktail'ing alone? Would I make new friends?


At this point, I knew anything could happen!


Yes, friends showed up. Yes, I did indeed cocktail - in a fancy Solo cup with a wine stem. Yes, I made new friends - "Hi Cricket!"


But most of all, I enjoyed the music of a local band that not only has a clever name, Yachtley Crew, but also plays songs that I hear on the Sirius XM channel 'Yacht Rock'. 


Small town simple fun is a great way to start my summer! 




Sunny Rodgers, Book Contributor 


I didn't realize just how long it can take to write, edit, and publish a book. Wow. And that's an understatement. 

When Denise Weisner interviewed me almost two years ago, I didn't realize her book would take another couple of years to get to it's perfected state. Well, I'm happy to say that her book is now available. 


It was fun for me to be able to share some wisdom and advice with Denise and am very happy that I was able to contribute to her book - which is now available on Amazon here

As I continue to write my own books I am impressed by those around me who continue to inspire and motivate me. Birthing a book is not as easy as tossing words onto a page. But, for me, writing is a cathartic experience that I truly enjoy. 

Hopefully, I'll be announcing my own published version of my book soon!

Happy reading!

xo, Sunny 

Hello June!  

We’re halfway through the year. Already. 

Every year I put together a Bucket List of things I hope to do that year. And usually, by December I’m lucky if I’ve gotten through half of them. 

This year I wanted to re-learn how to play the guitar, run in a marathon through a vineyard, and try Pilates. Well, I tried Pilates. 

And, I loved it btw. 



But the funny thing is – I have to remind myself to stop and appreciate all the things that I've experienced that weren’t on my 2019 Bucket List. 


I saw Trace Adkins perform at the Grand Ole Opry




I swung on the lawn of the Belle Meade Plantation before taking a tour. 



I saw a dragon made of Lego’s




I visited Shelby America




Saw Kenny Loggins live – and he played my favorite Caddyshack song. 




I visited a Champagne Cave




I held a workshop at the wonderful Vibe Wines, which pairs two of my favorite things – Wine & Sex Toys! 




And, I became an Educator for ‘Everyone Deserves Sex Education’ (EDSE).



So all in all, 2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year – even if the experiences being checked off my Bucket List weren’t even things I had written down. 

And one thing I learned along the way is that just loving life and enjoying all my new adventures will help keep me young. 



How’s your 2019 going? 



Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview: Sunny Rodgers 

I had the pleasure of participating in a Lovehoney interview! Have you heard of Lovehoney? They call themselves "The Sexual Happiness People" and I couldn't agree more. Their site offers not just pleasure products, but ideas! Want to know how to have better sex? Or, sex toys that have been seen on TV or promoted by Huffington Post? Well, Lovehoney states they have everything you need for a fun and fulfilling sex life, including sex toys, sexy lingerie, sexy gifts and essentials like condoms and lubricants. 

Looks like Lovehoney is the perfect place to find everything you need for Valentine's Day and beyond!


LovehoneyLovehoney also has a ton of Sex Toy and Lingerie Buyer's Guides that can come in handy in all types of situations. Definitely check them out if you're ever curious! They also have a delightful, entertaining, and educational Sex Toys Blog USA that is truly worth a read. 

So, I was particularly honored and humbled when I was asked to do an interview with them. Wow! 


Would you like to know what I think a successful sex life is? Why do I want to save the world one orgasm at a time? Or, what my favorite bedroom advice is for couples?

You can read all those answers and more here

I candidly shared advice, ideas, and ways pleasure products improve lives. I hope you enjoy it!



Happy 2019! Let's start off the year with new Resolutions! 

Hello Friends!

I'll be honest - I usually hate January because I miss the Christmas cheer. Everyone is so nice and on their best behavior in December. And then in January, it's like everyone needs to catch up on being a Scrooge. 


January can bring bad attitudes!

That said, I do like the January winter weather because I can wear my sweaters that don't get much love or use in Southern California. And, because I can start off the year with a fresh list of resolutions!

My resolutions aren't just for improvement (although many of them are...) but also encompass Bucket List items and places to check off my Travel List. 


New Years Resolutions, upon resolutions, upon resolutions....


Does anyone else make separate lists of resolutions in different categories? 

I feel like if one list reads, "Join Pilates", another list should read, "Swim with Dolphins". Just saying.

I should tell you, I did check "Swim with Dolphins" off my list - and it wasn't what I expected. While the hubs LOVED the adventure, I was terrified much of the time. In my head, I imagined the "Disney" dolphin experience of floating around the pool with my new finned friend. 


In reality, the dolphins were rescued in a small town on the Baja coast and we went into their ocean tanks to swim with them. Yes, those really were eels rubbing against my legs. And the dolphins were larger, powerful and more ominous than in my imagination! I was scared. But, I was also THRILLED that I was swimming with them! I could tell they were intelligent and loving. My mermaid aspirations were piqued. 


Make me a Mermaid!

This year, I want to do yoga with baby goats, travel to an obscure island in the Bahamas, publish at least two books, launch my own sex education school, work towards my Ph. D., and go wine tasting via horseback. Lofty goals to be sure, especially since those baby goats are really bouncy! But, at least it gives me a North Star direction in my life, which keeps me motivated and constantly pushing myself. 


Bouncy Baby Goats


Last year I accomplished a lot on my lists - try Absinthe (no, I didn't hallucinate), performed a marriage ceremony, and hosted an award show, to name a few. Taking my hubs to Tahoe and Yosemite were also checked off my list last year. 


What wasn't checked off my 2018 list? Run a marathon through a vineyard, travel to Amsterdam, and re-learn how to play the guitar. Should I add those back onto my 2019 list?


Should unfulfilled goals be put back on your New Year's Resolution list?


I've already joined a pilates class and have five BETA students for my school, and it's not yet February. So I feel I've gotten off to a good start. But, who knows if that January determination will peter out by May. Life is always full of surprises! 


Sunny Surprises!


So, please share! What are some of your resolutions for 2019?




The Sex Ed Podcast Interview with Sunny Rodgers 

The Sex Ed is a digital platform dedicated to sex, health, and consciousness. The Sex Ed is here to educate, inform and inspire new discussions around sexual wellness. 

Sunny Rodgers Quote

In 2018 I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and have a candid talk with Liz Goldwyn of The Sex Ed. Please follow this link to listen to my interview. 

You can also find a number of essays I write for The Sex Ed here

Sunny Rodgers, ACS

 Sunny Rodgers, ACS

Sunny Rodgers is a clinical sexologist, certified sex coach, sex educator, ordained minister, and, among many, many other things— a regular contributor to TheSexEd.com. In this episode, Liz and Sunny cover everything from non-gendered sex toys, to prostate pleasure to the healing power of sex. You can find Sunny on Twitter @SunnyRodgers or at coachsunnyrodgers.com.

Just what happens at the Bi-Annual Toy Convention? 

Thousands of people, hundreds of new pleasure products, and yes, it feels like family. Since I've been a part of the pleasure product industry since 2000, I've had the pleasure of being part of a true industry family. That's just one reason it's so awesome to attend this bi-annual event - ANME, or the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo.

ANME July 2018

What pleasure product innovations did I see? Dolls. Dolls that looked like life-size Barbies. And, technology. Specifically, speech-recognition technology in male pleasure products that respond when spoken to, or to specific stimulation. I did not see any technology that melded the two together, but anyone's who's seen Cherry 2000 knows that "android wives" aren't too far in the future. 


Sunny & Ultimate Fantasy Dolls


I also saw incredibly upscale innovations that boasted Tiffany blue and gemstone crystals. There was even a wall of anal plug gemstones luring buyers in to see what consumers will be demanding next. 


Bling Butts

The highlight for me was once again hosting the Annual StorErotica Award Show. This is my time to shine! I'm able to humbly honor fellow industry honorees with kudos for nominations and for a select few, wonderful awards. Yes, this year we did also give award winners tequila shots. Below, I accepted an award for an absentee guest and was able to thank my own liver as I partook in the award shot. 


I have to say, for me, it's a complete honor to be the host for such an esteemed event. 2018 was my second year hosting the award show and I've already been asked to host for the 2019 awards. I love being able to officially hand my colleagues trophies that praise their accolades and contributions.


Sunny Rodgers, Host of the 2017  & 2018 StorErotica Award Shows

I'm infinitely blessed to be a part of such a great industry and to be able to see cutting-edge pleasure product developments before they even hit the marketplace. This, combined with my coaching and sex toy concierge efforts, allow me to live a full and complete life.



I love to share fun & sexy content!

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