Welcome to my world! It's always Sunny here. 

Playboy TV Appearance  

I should admit right now that being able to give Dildo Factory Tours really is pretty amazing.

For Playboy TV's Toyride series I gave hosts Nikki & Daniel a tour of Pipedream Products, the largest pleasure products manufacturer in the world, and where I call home. Well, not my real home but my daily home :-) Yes, I can stroll out into the dildo factory whenever I wish and see the magic that happens behind the scenes.

So this tour was given on a Saturday so we could do crazy things like run with scissors and ride sex furniture. You know, the normal things one does when they have three entire warehouse factories to roam. 

I can't give away too many secrets but I can share - yes, I did use electo-stimulation on both Nikki and Daniel (thank you JIMMYJANE Hello Touch X); Nikki did hang in the Pipedream Products  Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing (who wouldn't?); and we did touch A LOT of dildos on the dildo conveyor belt (never too many Pipedream Products King Cocks). 

You can watch the promo here or watch the full episode on Playboy TV here.  

Lecturing at UCLA  

For the past 45 years the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has been offering a Couple and Sex Therapy Training Program lecture series to help train psychiatric residents and mental health professionals. Recently I was fortunate to be added to this lecture line-up. 

I was extremely excited I was able to share so much valuable information with residents and professionals about all the benefits that intimate products can provide. I tried to cover as many couple-focused pleasure product topics as possible but then also covered helpful subjects such as enlarged prostate glands and female atrophy. I shared a few stories and let the students know some of the benefits of masturbation. Wonderfully, the staff has already asked me to participate in the lecture series next year and I’m looking forward to making my participation a tradition.

The intensive lecture series is overseen by the American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists (AACAST), an organization dedicated to the education, training, promotion and expansion of integrated skills and knowledge for couples and sex therapy. And I will definitely be looking into a personal AACAST certification soon!

Toy Testing... 

One of my favorite parts of my job? TOY TESTING!!!

This is where I get to take concept products home and play with them to my heart's content. Sometimes they make my toys curl and my heart sing. Others make me yawn or panic. It all depends on what our Product Development Team hands me. Some days I have to just try it in the car on the way home because I cannot wait! (Yes, I've been told over and over to stop doing this) Other times I make myself wait until I can pour myself a glass of wine and really spend some quality time with my new friend.

Now, some times there are toys to tested and there's a need for a penis involved. This happens. And it leaves me with penis envy! 

Tonight I'm bringing home two masturbators to try out on my Honey. 99% of the time he loves these nights and calls them - Sex Toy Testing Adventures! Then there's that 1% where I have to ply him with tequila and break out the BDSM tie-up's... The thing is, no matter which way it goes, he always (ALWAYS!) enjoys himself.

So, wish me luck! I have a bag full o'goodies to toy test tonight!


Just a bag full of sex toys waiting to be tested!

It's official! I'm a #sexpert #sexcoach 

Sunny Rodgers, Clinical Sexologist
I thought it would be easy. It wasn't. I thought I already knew everything I needed to know about sex. I didn't. I thought this was just something to check off my list. It wasn't.

In all honesty, I worked my rear off for this degree. When I started in April 2016 I thought that I'd be certified by the end of the year. But what I found was that there was A LOT more to learn! Along the way I learned that the World Health Organization plays a huge part in human sexuality globally; I watched an incredibly sensual BDSM scene two feet in front of me; I bonded with fellow students from all over the world; and I learned that being able to truly help people with intimate issues isn't an overnight lesson. 

This journey shocked me: I saw a man's penis being typed in an old fashioned typewriter - keys striking left and right! Not sure what was being spelled....
And I cried: Stories of judgment and harassment made my heart melt.
I also cheered: I met an incredible doctor who was also a little person helping other little people overcome their sexual difficulties.
And I laughed: Because everyone may be different but they are all sources of delight, and this journey showed me that in more ways than one.

So now, almost eleven months later, I'm a Clinical Sexologist! And I'm proud of what I've accomplished. But I have to admit that I couldn't have made it to the finish line without the help, support and guidance of my fellow SCU students. This community is more than just an organization - they have become my family in so many ways. My adviser was gentle and strong and wise. I don't know whether human sexuality is just a charged issue, or perhaps now that I'm older I appreciate a good education more, but this was a powerful experience for me. 

And you know what? I can't wait to see what comes next!!!


I'm the Guest on 106.7FM KBPI's Morning Show! 

I'm so excited! Not only do I get to see some of my very favorite people at ROMANTIX, I also have the pleasure of talking about topics I love! That's why this Friday, February 3rd, is going to be so much FUN!

Have you ever wondered how to banish bedroom boredom? Or wanted to know the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart? Or wondered about vibrators and dildos and sex swings, oh my?! 

Call me at (303) 713-ROCK or (303) 713-ROLL this Friday during the show and let's talk! 

The infamous Morning Show crew - Willie B, Sweet Cheeks and Scoop - will all be on hand to help me with your sexy questions.

So I'm looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

xo, Sunny 

My Interview with The Boom Doctors!  

I recently was a guest on a great radio show - The Boom Doctors!  
Sunny Rodgers

I spoke with Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap, two incredible people near and dear to my heart. We discussed giving sex toys as gifts - but where do you start if you aren’t sure? Let’s take some of the mystery out of pleasure products and find out what items work well for both friends and lovers! I've been a part of the sex toy industry since 2000 and am always willing to give honest, helpful advice on selecting intimate products at any age. 

Click on this pic to have a listen.

What I'm thankful for... 

Can I say that I'm thankful Thanksgiving is over? The pressure to cook everything just right, while entertaining a house full of guests... It can be a lot to handle. 

I'll be honest. For a while there I thought I may have lost my Christmas spirit. Scary, right? 

So instead of simply resigning myself to having a "just OK" holiday season, I immersed myself in tree shopping, sappy Christmas movies and mulled wine. OK, I may have overdone it with the mulled wine because there was suddenly crying involved. But sometimes you just need to get the bad ju-ju out of your system. 

And it worked! I am happy to say that I was happily listening to the Holly channel on Sirius XM this morning. 

So if I have any words of advice, the lesson I learned this Thanksgiving was to face my fears. Even if the fears happen to be a 14-lb. turkey. 

I was scammed by a gypsy... 

Do you believe in supernatural, hocus pocus, magic? 

I felt like I needed some clarification, some guidance... The time change always messes with me. So what's a "normal" person to do? Check Yelp of course!

I searched locally and found a psychic life coach with a fair number of 5 star reviews. Why didn't I look at the Yelpers who left the reviews more closely? Perhaps I'd still have $50 if I'd noticed that several of the reviewers didn't have any friends, and very few, if any, other reviews. 

I made my appointment. She confirmed me for the wrong time. I joked that as a psychic she should've seen that coming. She didn't laugh. The second sign that I ignored. 

Were those butterflies in my belly? Normally I'm excited when I do something like this. But before my appointment last night I felt, uh, nervous. And although I had three 20 dollar bills on me, my intuition told me to stop and break one of them so I'd have exact change. I had asked earlier when she called to confirm my appointment if she took credit cards and was told only cash or check were accepted. So was this my third sign from the universe? Was the universe basically screaming at me - "DO NOT GO!!!"?

I arrived at her home and knocked on the door. She didn't give me any warm and fuzzy feelings when she invited me in. We sat next to each other on the couch and she asked me for a piece of jewelry or my car keys to empower her tarot cards. (Well, the "life coach" part was definitely off the table.) I gave her my mood ring. Yes, my mood ring. Which happened to be dark. Fourth sign!

"You have three children..." 

"Um, no. I have no children."

"You are surrounded by snakes. You have no true friends. You.... have an energy block. Your chakras are blocked. I can unblock them for $800." 

"Um. I will be honest with you. I don't feel like I can trust you and am not giving you $800."

"Don't you have a credit card?"

"I thought you didn't take credit cards..."

"$400 now for my supplies and $400 when you see a change that I will predict."

"Here's $50. Let's call this good."

OK, that was the abridged version but you get the gist.

Am I going to leave her a Yelp review? Hell no! She mentioned spells and energies and scary things that she was going to do for me in return for that $800 - which was a special discounted price by the way. I am going to chalk that up to a bad experience and hope the $50 went to feed her children that I could hear playing in the background. 

And I'm giving away my mood ring just in case it's been hexed - 'Free to a good home. Mood ring. Used to change colors. Now only displays black.'

OK universe. I'm listening now. Sorry I ever doubted you. PS: Please protect me from the gypsy. 

Naughty November  

I'm starting out November with a serious post-sugar rush, Halloween candy withdrawal. Why did I buy so much candy and why did only four Trick-or-Treaters show up?!?!

I am coming out of my sugar cloud and realizing that it's really November. Already! 2016 is flying by and I am discovering so many new things. One of which is that as the days become shorter, and the nights longer, there's more time to act out those naughty fantasies. I'm not sure why naughty fantasies feel better at night, but they just do. Under the cover of darkness I am free to be anyone I want to be. 

So I am reveling in being business by day and just plain busy by night.

Happy November!

I'm baaaaaack.... 

Well Hello Everyone!

I've been busy this summer. I'm currently enrolled in Sex Coach University (SCU) and am fiercely studying to get my Clinical Sexologist certification. This has been such a great experience for me! I've learned more than I ever thought possible and have made a slew of great new friends. Friends who inspire me and who fill me with the desire to do more in this world. 

Sexology has a whole is still in its infancy and it's an exciting time to begin to be a part of something that will continue to grow and develop. There is no where to go but up!

So I apologize for not being here more often this summer but I promise you that great things are coming! Stay tuned...


I love to share fun & sexy content!

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