Welcome to my world! It's always Sunny here. 

Less Clothes = More Fun 

I have to apologize for being away from www.sunnyrodgerslive.com - I took a vacay to a tropical island! One that had limited WiFi but an excess of rum ;-) It was exactly what I needed.

Sometimes escaping life is exactly what you need to make you excited about things all over again. I had plenty of time to reflect on everything I'm thankful for and all the great things that are ahead of me. Like, my next vacation destination!

Since summer has just begun I know there is going to be a lot more fun headed my way. Who doesn't love summer loving? And, of course, more bikinis, less clothing and more tropical libations! 

Me & Ms. M 

Have you ever met someone who you instantly connected with? I had the good fortune of experiencing kismet (as Ms. M would say) just this past week when I met the incredibly lovely Ms. M. 

I wanted to say, "You look nothing like your Tinder photo!" when she arrived at the restaurant... But not knowing her I didn't. But now I know she would have found that exclamation as funny as I would have!

Where do I even begin to describe my new girl crush? Intelligent, funny, gorgeous, glowing, entertaining, engaging, did I mention gorgeous?

Ms. M hails from NYC and was in my neck of the woods for a limited time so I thank my lucky stars that our paths crossed. She told me all about the internal clitoris!! You can read more about it on her article on the Museum of Sex (fondly called MoSex) website here - http://www.museumofsex.com/the-internal-clitoris/ 

She shared so much about sexuality and her journey down this path thus far. We discussed sexual intelligence education vs. sex education and the Center for Sexual Intelligence... 

And to cap off the evening we celebrated Ms. M's faux birthday so we could enjoy free cake! The perfect way to also celebrate new soul sisters finding each other in this big, big world. 


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a great group of friends! Some of my best memories are when the stars align and we are all able to meet up for sushi, champagne and talk about vaginas. #totaltruth 


I'm just going to say... Who doesn't love eating food that involves bibs?!?!

It's messy. It's fun. They give you weapons like nutcrackers, hammers and scissors to destroy your food with. Whoever invented the Southern Seafood Boil was brilliant!

Here's to eating with your hands!

Introducing Bee Smart N Sexy - A New "Green" Home Party Company  

A good friend of mine just started a new adventure that I must share. She is so impressive!

Erin has launched a new home party company - Bee Smart N Sexy is today's breath of fresh air in the world of adult product home parties. 

Bee Smart N Sexy is green. Simply pull the site up on your smart phone and download the free app. Then, your customers can walk through the demonstration with you and if they like something, drop it in their shopping cart to discuss with you when their place their order. So simple and easy! AND, Bee Smart N Sexy offers a high commission rate too ;-) 

It's never too early to start planning for a little extra Holiday Shopping money - maybe Bee Smart N Sexy is just the thing!


"Hey, it doesn't sound like you on Twine" - Them

"What's a twine?" - Me 

"That musician website" - Them

"I'm not on there" - Me

"Are you sure? Cause there's a Sunny Rodgers on Twine" - Them using a firm tone

"Completely, totally sure" - Me using the same firm tone

"Check out this screenshot" - Them

"Oh yeah right. I can see how you thought this was me" - Me, the blonde version of me, not the rapper version

"So, what do you do?" 

Sometimes that can be the dreaded question. Do I tell people, often complete strangers, about the career path I've chosen? My hesitation? When people find out what I do the entire conversation becomes strictly about sex. "My wife doesn't like oral...", or "How can I last longer?" or "Which sex toy should I start with?" or most often, sadly, "How can I have an orgasm?" And then the rest of my evening is spent administering sexy advice with a smile. 

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times that I thrive on spreading orgasmic help all over the world. But sometimes, sometimes, the person asking this pointed question judges me based on my reply. And by "judge" I mean they form an opinion about me without truly knowing me. People can be hurtful. 

I've told people that I work in the lingerie business. I've skirted the subject and asked tons of questions about them to try to avoid answering. But usually I take a deep breath, cross my fingers, and remind myself that their hang-up's are not my hang-up's. 

"I work in the pleasure product industry and am studying to be a certified Sexual Educator and Coach." 

I smile quietly. I allow the person standing before me to take a moment to adjust to my response.

"Would you like me to explain to you a few tips on how to reach orgasm?"


Friday Night 

What makes a great Friday night? Simple pleasures. Wine, for winding down from the week. Cozy clothes that are comfy (ideal for pizza and movie enjoyment). Home - where you can relax with your favorite people, furry & otherwise. For me, last Friday night ticked all those boxes, but with one additional added bonus: Lesbian porn. 

Yep, sometimes a Disney movie or the latest Matt Damon movie just isn't going to provide the entertainment I'm craving. That's why this past Friday night I put on my tiara, grabbed a bottle of wine, and a handful of Girlfriends Films lesbian porn. Can you think of a better way to start a weekend?

I love to share fun & sexy content!

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