Where the heck did January 2020 go???

Hello my friends! If you're like me you're wondering how February could possibly be here next week? It feels like I just took down my Christmas tree, recanted my New Year's Resolutions, and cancelled my gym membership. Are you fairing much better?

I do know what consumed so much of my January 2020 time - Trade Shows

Yep, January is trade show season. It's the time in the pleasure product industry when new items are released at shows with a bunch of initials - CES, ANME, XBIZ, and AVN Novelty Expo. And, yes, I attended every one of them.


Sunny Rodgers, ACS


The great thing about trade shows is seeing my industry family - followed by having a cocktail with my industry family.



Next up for me personally is the amount of knowledge that's shared with me. I get to not only receive training on hundreds of new products, I also get to attend workshops that offer a wide range of topics. This year I was luckily to host a workshop on "Creating Smart, New Consumer Experiences in 2020" - since we pretty much all thought we'd be driving flying cars by now I thought it'd be timely to discuss ways online and brick & mortar retailers could up their offerings. And, the workshop was a hit!!


Sunny hosts a workshop on


Next up? I have a lot of wonderful new clients that are keeping me busy and mentally engaged! 

I'm looking forward to an exciting year and can't wait to share it with you!



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