A New Adventure!

A leap of faith lead me to my dream job with Jimmyjane. I know we've all heard the old adage, everything happens for a reason. But you never know what that reason will be. For me, a change brought me…


I've been away for a while. I went up to SF to visit my parents, I spent some time with good friends, and, oh yeah, I left my position at Doc Johnson. 

Change is never easy. Especially when you have…

VR Porn

I'm going into this building to try VR Porn. If I'm never seen again, look here first. #seemslegit ​#askthedoc

Things that make you go huh?...

So this truck pulled in to make a pick up here at the Dildo Factory... Doesn't it make you wonder WHAT is going into this truck?!

Coffee Table Book about the Design of Sex Toys

'Objects of Desire: A Showcase of Modern Erotic Products and the Creative Minds Behind Them' by Rita Catinella Orrell is a coffee table book that has photos of 100 design-centric sex toys and interviews with their designers.

I can't wait…

It's Honey's Birthday!

Today is my Honey's birthday!! I love my partner in crime :-) Here's to many more Island Adventures!!

My Ry

This one. Our Producer. Even though I mark her my territory as My Producer. 

There are a few people who come along that are extraordinary and make you want to see just what amazing thing they're going to do next…

Have you ever...

Have you ever told someone they were the best you've never had?