Hello June! 

We’re halfway through the year. Already. 

Every year I put together a Bucket List of things I hope to do that year. And usually, by December I’m lucky if I’ve gotten through half of them. 

This year I wanted to re-learn how to play the guitar, run in a marathon through a vineyard, and try Pilates. Well, I tried Pilates. 

And, I loved it btw. 



But the funny thing is – I have to remind myself to stop and appreciate all the things that I've experienced that weren’t on my 2019 Bucket List. 


I saw Trace Adkins perform at the Grand Ole Opry




I swung on the lawn of the Belle Meade Plantation before taking a tour. 



I saw a dragon made of Lego’s




I visited Shelby America




Saw Kenny Loggins live – and he played my favorite Caddyshack song. 




I visited a Champagne Cave




I held a workshop at the wonderful Vibe Wines, which pairs two of my favorite things – Wine & Sex Toys! 




And, I became an Educator for ‘Everyone Deserves Sex Education’ (EDSE).



So all in all, 2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year – even if the experiences being checked off my Bucket List weren’t even things I had written down. 

And one thing I learned along the way is that just loving life and enjoying all my new adventures will help keep me young. 



How’s your 2019 going? 



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