Minister Sunny

I LOVE bringing people together! And, if I can spread love - then that makes me a happy Sunny.

In just the past year I've had the pleasure of officiating weddings in various locations. From mountains, to ranches, to beaches, there are so many beautiful locations for weddings. 



I've coached lovers on how to write their vows - I have an easy 4-step outline to follow that makes it simple.

I've also written vows and poems that speak to brides and grooms.



I've talked nervous brides through tears and tantrums. I've talked nervous grooms through cold feet and writer's block.

I've cried. I've laughed. And I've felt amazing love and emotions!



And, I'm pretty sure I've found the happiest hobby I've ever had!



Trust me, everyone is glowing and happy at weddings. Love is in the air everywhere!


At the moment, I don't have any weddings in my calendar... but please know I'm always happy to officially officiate and help bring lovers together.



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