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The Sex Ed Podcast Interview with Sunny Rodgers 

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In 2018 I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and have a candid talk with Liz Goldwyn of The Sex Ed. Please follow this link to listen to my interview. 

You can also find a number of essays I write for The Sex Ed here

Sunny Rodgers, ACS

 Sunny Rodgers, ACS

Sunny Rodgers is a clinical sexologist, certified sex coach, sex educator, ordained minister, and, among many, many other things— a regular contributor to TheSexEd.com. In this episode, Liz and Sunny cover everything from non-gendered sex toys, to prostate pleasure to the healing power of sex. You can find Sunny on Twitter @SunnyRodgers or at coachsunnyrodgers.com.

Just what happens at the Bi-Annual Toy Convention? 

Thousands of people, hundreds of new pleasure products, and yes, it feels like family. Since I've been a part of the pleasure product industry since 2000, I've had the pleasure of being part of a true industry family. That's just one reason it's so awesome to attend this bi-annual event - ANME, or the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo.

ANME July 2018

What pleasure product innovations did I see? Dolls. Dolls that looked like life-size Barbies. And, technology. Specifically, speech-recognition technology in male pleasure products that respond when spoken to, or to specific stimulation. I did not see any technology that melded the two together, but anyone's who's seen Cherry 2000 knows that "android wives" aren't too far in the future. 


Sunny & Ultimate Fantasy Dolls


I also saw incredibly upscale innovations that boasted Tiffany blue and gemstone crystals. There was even a wall of anal plug gemstones luring buyers in to see what consumers will be demanding next. 


Bling Butts

The highlight for me was once again hosting the Annual StorErotica Award Show. This is my time to shine! I'm able to humbly honor fellow industry honorees with kudos for nominations and for a select few, wonderful awards. Yes, this year we did also give award winners tequila shots. Below, I accepted an award for an absentee guest and was able to thank my own liver as I partook in the award shot. 


I have to say, for me, it's a complete honor to be the host for such an esteemed event. 2018 was my second year hosting the award show and I've already been asked to host for the 2019 awards. I love being able to officially hand my colleagues trophies that praise their accolades and contributions.


Sunny Rodgers, Host of the 2017  & 2018 StorErotica Award Shows

I'm infinitely blessed to be a part of such a great industry and to be able to see cutting-edge pleasure product developments before they even hit the marketplace. This, combined with my coaching and sex toy concierge efforts, allow me to live a full and complete life.



The Sex Ed is here for YOU! 

Want More Sex? More Health? More Consciousness? Well, The Sex Ed is the place to find it!

I'm thrilled to share that I am writing a series of original articles for The Sex Ed that cover a wide range of sexual topics. You can check out my first essay, Sex Toy Safety (Care & Maintenance), by clicking on this image - 

CLICK HERE to read The Sex Ed article

There are plenty of exciting topics that I'll be covering but if there's something you'd like to hear more about, please contact me and let me know! I'd love your feedback :-)





Sexology University has created a great monthly event - #AskASexologist. Every month a sexologist is chosen to participate in an hour-long Twitter Q&A. Here is where you find the Twitter account for Sexology U

In honor of #MasturbationMay, I've chosen self-love as my Q&A topic. Please let me know your sexy questions and I'll be sure and let you know my thoughts. 

What: Sexology University #AskASexologist

When: May 10th, Noon to 1pm PDT

Where: Check it out on Sexology U's Twitter page 

How: How do you get your questions answered? Simply send me your questions or ask them via Twitter during the #AskASexologist hour. 

Why: Because you have questions and I have answers :-) It'll be FUN! You know it will ;-) 


Can't wait to hear from YOU soon!



Meet Minister Sunny Rodgers 

Sometimes you get to a point in your life where it seems like every other couple you meet are in the midst of a divorce, separation, uncoupling or whatever they're calling it. I'm an empathetic person - I wanna help! It's just part of who I am. So, maybe I'm crazy, but this wave of broken partnerships has inspired me - to become a Minister!

I'm ready to mend broken hearts and bring love & marriage into peoples' lives! I've learned some interesting things along the way. The only state in the U.S. which requires a blood test prior to marriage is Montana. And it's illegal to marry the same man more than four times in Kentucky (I really want to know how this became a law...). First cousins are allowed to marry in Utah - but only if they're both over the age of 65. And - tourists beware! - it's illegal in New Orleans for a psychic or palm reader to officiate a marriage. 

So if you're interested in allowing me be your minister, to help you have and hold your betrothed, to start you on your path of wedded bliss - reach out and let me know! It would be my pleasure to marry you. I mean, marry you. Oh, you know what I mean. :-) 

Practice your, "I do"'s and I can help you with the rest. Because your wedding should be special, fun and the best day of your life! Let's make your wedding the BEST wedding ever!


Award Season = Bare Buns & Bathroom Boobs 

OK, I know I said sex toy testing may be my favorite part of my job - butt (pun intended) January's award season ranks pretty high up on my list as well. I get to go to award shows that are jam-packed with beautiful people, see friends that I don't see that often, and, if I'm lucky, get to hold an award. 

Did I also mention the bare buns?

It's funny because when I go to the restroom during award shows, it's often like walking into a sexy sorority. The gorgeous, and extremely tall, actress next to me smiled at me and said, "Look at my new baby boobs. I just got them in November. So they are babies." 

I wasn't sure if I was more delighted by her exotic European accent or her so-called baby boobs. 

"Well," I smiled back. "Your baby boobs are beautiful. And, they are big for being babies."

"They are still hard," she pouted. 

"Um, uh," I wasn't sure what response she was looking for. "How hard are they?" 

"Feel. Just feel," she thrust her chest in my direction as I finished toweling off my freshly washed hands. 

"Um, okkkkk..." 

And then I grabbed her boobs. She was right. They were kind of hard.

"They're nice," I lied. 

"Thank you," she purred.

"You should feel mine," Nope. That wasn't me talking. This was another tall, gorgeous woman with hot pink hair no less.


Ten minutes later when I exited the restroom... slightly flustered and smiling the biggest, dumbest smile, my friends looked concerned.

"You took forever. Are you all right?"

"Oh yasss. I was feeling boobs. Lots of boobs," I sighed.

"Uh, it's not like that in the guy's restroom."

"I bet it's not," me. Still smiling. "Shall we find our seats?"

And so we made our way to Table 41 to enjoy the XBIZ Awards Show. There were winners, nominees, sexy acts, crying, smiling, celebrating, and a large bottle of Grey Goose vodka as the centerpiece of our table. Nice ;-)

Clap, clap, yell, shout, cheers! Repeat. For at least an hour. Maybe more. My mind kept drifting back to the restroom. Did I have to pee again? Should I just go pee again? 

And then, I stood up... and they called our names! 

"How did you know we were going to win?!" 

"Uh... I didn't. I was going to the restroom," me. Blushing to a deep shade of red. 

Yes, I did wear Converse with my sequin dress.

So I didn't go to the restroom. I just cuddled with our award all night. My co-worker was great about it. He understood. It was shiny. 

And so the evening ended and we mingled in the lobby sharing kisses and congratulations!

What the heck is a Bombogenesis?! 

Welcome 2018! And welcome cold weather to most of the US. Most crazy are the new terms that are coming out now to describe the crazy weather that is taking place. 

Which brings me to Bombogenesis. According to Live Science, "Bomb cyclones" or "weather bombs" are wicked winter storms that can rival the strength of hurricanes and are so called because of the process that creates them: bombogenesis. It's a mouthful of a meteorology term that refers to a storm (generally a non-tropical one) that intensifies very rapidly.


Me? I'm nestled here in Southern California where it will be a tepid 71 degrees today. I'm wearing boots and a down jacket. Stop laughing.

I was wondering,what are people in other parts of the country doing? Do you play board games for six months? What if you have to go outside - how do you prepare? So curious! 

I reached out to a few of my friends. "What exactly is there to do outside when you're in the midst of a Bombogenesis?"

Well, um, I guess they find ways to cope with the weather as you can see in one image I got back from my question.

Now here's how I want to help - I will create a "Bombogenesis Cocktail"! That way I feel like I've done my part and also gives me a reason to play mixologist. 

And there you go. A little concoction to keep you pleasantly warm on those severely chilly winter nights ;-) I also recommend huddling for warmth. But, maybe, keep that cuddling/huddling indoors - see what happened to my snowy friends above!

Sending you all warm hugs & lots of love!


What's the Sex Toy Convention really like? 

Time spent with people you love is always better! That said - yes, things are a bit crazy at the bi-annual Sex Toy Convention, otherwise known as the Adult Novelty Manufacturer Expo (ANME). Not "crazy" like those stories you've heard of the Porn Convention in Las Vegas - there are no naked girls or people trying the pleasure products right there at the trade show. It's more about enjoying creativity, innovation, and the mutual appreciation of sex toys. 

One of the awesome things about this show is that I get to see a lot of new innovations in both packaging and products. Sometimes I wonder what else could possibly be invented in this industry. And then I attend a show like this and am astounded by all the new ideas. And there's a lot to love about booth after booth of gorgeous new intimate products. 

For me, the best part of the show was being able to be the Host for the 11th Annual StorErotica Awards. It was a lot of fun and, I think, everyone enjoyed the game that we played along with celebrating wins for some of the best and brightest the industry has to offer.


All in all, I'm once again happy to say that I love my life and I love what I do! Can't wait for the next Sex Toy Convention!



Playboy TV Appearance  

I should admit right now that being able to give Dildo Factory Tours really is pretty amazing.

For Playboy TV's Toyride series I gave hosts Nikki & Daniel a tour of Pipedream Products, the largest pleasure products manufacturer in the world, and where I call home. Well, not my real home but my daily home :-) Yes, I can stroll out into the dildo factory whenever I wish and see the magic that happens behind the scenes.

So this tour was given on a Saturday so we could do crazy things like run with scissors and ride sex furniture. You know, the normal things one does when they have three entire warehouse factories to roam. 

I can't give away too many secrets but I can share - yes, I did use electo-stimulation on both Nikki and Daniel (thank you JIMMYJANE Hello Touch X); Nikki did hang in the Pipedream Products  Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing (who wouldn't?); and we did touch A LOT of dildos on the dildo conveyor belt (never too many Pipedream Products King Cocks). 

You can watch the promo here or watch the full episode on Playboy TV here.  

Lecturing at UCLA  

For the past 45 years the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has been offering a Couple and Sex Therapy Training Program lecture series to help train psychiatric residents and mental health professionals. Recently I was fortunate to be added to this lecture line-up. 

I was extremely excited I was able to share so much valuable information with residents and professionals about all the benefits that intimate products can provide. I tried to cover as many couple-focused pleasure product topics as possible but then also covered helpful subjects such as enlarged prostate glands and female atrophy. I shared a few stories and let the students know some of the benefits of masturbation. Wonderfully, the staff has already asked me to participate in the lecture series next year and I’m looking forward to making my participation a tradition.

The intensive lecture series is overseen by the American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists (AACAST), an organization dedicated to the education, training, promotion and expansion of integrated skills and knowledge for couples and sex therapy. And I will definitely be looking into a personal AACAST certification soon!

I love to share fun & sexy content!

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